We have an extensive network of both services and people. We believe the real business is still done locally. In every key market in Europe we have independent sales and marketing persons operating. To make sure the local people can work effectively they need some central resources like Marketing, Logistics, Support, Finance and Legal.

Local Capta force
Having the network of independent people across Europe gives us the opportunity to work very cost efficient, because you will not pay for resources you do not use. It also makes it possible to set up a strategic roadmap for Europe. This means you do not need budgets to do Europe at once, but you can start in areas where the biggest potential is and grow from there.

Key services
We strongly believe in central services to have the local people 100% focused on sales. That means they do not have to worry about the Marketing, Logistics, Support and Finance. Still the local team will always have the possibility to localize and customize the central delivered materials. That means Support in local language. Also packaging and manuals, and of course the marketing.

Central Marketing
Central marketing should deliver central values and messages together with tools like image databank. From there all marketing can be localized, but will allways keep focus on the overall strategy. “Think Global Act local”.

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