A complete program in 4 phases from market survey to deployment. Going through the phases will help you ensure there is a potential business in Europe and that the fullfillment is 100% covered. This approach is a guidance to start with, but of course it is possible to only use parts of our services.

1. Discovery Phase (1-2 months)
During this time we will investigate the market and evaluate the business opportunities in Europe. Each and every product has a different background, different objectives and, of course, different opportunities. Issues such as OEM, logistics, marketing, support, customizing and financing will be included in this first step. You can expect a complete market report.
:: Market size
:: Competition analysis
:: Legal aspects brand & product
:: Strategy-support,marketing,logistics
:: Next steps

2. Develop Phase (2-3 months)
After the Discovery Phase it is time to really start doing business. We will search for opportunities, set up contacts and make all arrangements necessary to launch your product on the European market.
:: Hunting for Sales
:: Prepare logistics
:: Draft contracts with partners
:: Work out the marketing
:: Set up Service & Support

3. Deployment Phase (4-6 months)
Finally, it is kick-off time. All accounts are on full speed to generate as many sales as possible. During this phase it is essential that all logistics and marketing activities are running smoothly and that customer satisfaction is as high as possible. Now is the time to fulfill. Especially with the shortening of lifecycles of products, this is also the phase that will set the scene for future products.
:: Distribution ready
:: Service & Support in place
:: Sales out strategy
:: Credit control running
:: Marketing results

4. Evaluation Phase (1 month)
Now is the time to look back and, at the same time, to look to the future. It is very important to keep the momentum going and to make sure that the European accounts are lining up to order your products. This is also the time to take stock and see what, where and how improvements can be made and what is needed for the future.
:: Did we meet target
:: New opportunities
:: Create landscape future steps
:: New product – Step1 or 2
:: Is the Capta Way still the best way

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